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Regnum Sky Tower

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Neşet GÜNE

Neşet GÜNE

Neset Güne, who makes all designs and technical detail drawings by himself with freehand technique, believes that unlike his machines, he adds soul to everything that the human hand touches.

Neşet Güne has chosen natural and durable materials such as marble and wood to catch elegant lines and aimed to make them feel special from the moment that the guests were stepping into the building more in the concept of interior architecture.

Mustafa SELÇUK

MSA Mimarlık

Regnum Sky Tower completed by MSA Mimarlık, which is high architect Mustafa Selçuk founded.

MSA designed the Regnum with the aim of meeting high quality stores and office spaces that would create high awareness of a symbolic office tower that would be a "landmark" for Ankara, questioning the specificity of where it was located.